Stories in the Stars
a 14-part newspaper series
for young readers combining
mythology and astronomy.
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Helpful Links
Here are some sites with good information on constellations and astronomy in general:
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific Their goal is to help teachers who do not have a strong background in astronomy; resources include a monthly newsletter for educators
Chandra X-Ray Observatory This site provides backgrounders, star charts and space photography from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. A very sold combination of educational material and new data.
Library of Congress Astronomy Sites A list of recommended sites with commentary by the Library of Congress. A nice place to wander and explore -- lots of variety, from the general to the very specific.
Windows to the Universe A lot of whiz-bang on this kid-friendly, teacher-friendly site covering Earth and Space sciences. Glitzy, but don’t be fooled -- there’s plenty of information in among the graphics, games and fun. Not only can you choose beginner, intermediate or expert levels of information, but you can also switch to Spanish if you’d like.
Stars One of the premier astronomy sites, Stars is maintained by Jim Kaler, professor emeritus of astronomy at the University of Illinois. Not a good starting place for the beginner, but a very good place to find specific information once you know what you need.
BBC The BBC maintains some very nice educational resources. This is their take on astronomy.
Astronomy for Beginners This is the site for the Newbury Amateur Astronomical Society in England and a lot of what’s up here is about events you won’t get to attend. But they have also have plenty of good information for people with no background in astronomy. (Be aware that, because England is so much farther north than most of the US, the star charts here and on the BBC site will be off a little for most Americans.)
Aboriginal Star Knowledge See the stars from the point of view of America’s first peoples. This site has serious astronomical information on how the American Indians viewed the heavens.
The HubbleSite The site of the Hubble Space Telescope offers a lot of glitz but also a lot of information. Make sure kids know the Hubble folks add colors to make it easier to see things in space -- this isn’t how it all really looks. But it is beautiful artwork, and they’ve assembled some good astronomy resources here.
NASA Of course, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Web site is a must-see.
The Space Science Institute This site is based on the Cassini spacecraft and combines data with teaching resources.
Mythweb Let’s not forget the Stories behind all these stars. Here’s a fun, kid-safe place to explore Greek and Roman mythology -- complete with Flash animated stories of heroes like Perseus. Once you’ve enjoyed that, you’ll find links to more scholarly resources.

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